Tony Scheuren's (sure-in) first national exposure came in the late '60s as singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist with Boston-based bands Chamaeleon Church (with young drummer Chevy Chase) and Ultimate Spinach (with guitarist Jeff Baxter). In the '70's as a cast member of National Lampoon's off-Broadway production "Lemmings", Tony worked alongside John Belushi and Chevy Chase, while writing, performing and producing many musical parodies including those of Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, the Grateful Dead, and Cat Stevens. The Grammy-nominated National Lampoon album "Goodbye Pop" features his Neil Young parody "Southern California Brings Me Down" and his James Taylor parody, "Methadone Maintenance Man", can be heard regularly on "Imus in the Morning"; both are also featured on the Rhino Records box set Best of National Lampoon Radio Hour. His accomplishments up to that point reflected little of the eventual personal outpouring crafted in his basement studio.

When Tony died, of alcoholism at the age of 45, the studio of his family home contained a trunk filled with lyrics to more than one hundred forty songs, and boxes holding nearly two hundred reel-to-reel tapes. These tapes contain more than fifty songs Tony had written, arranged, and home recorded on multi-track. He performed all the vocals, including harmonies, and played all the instruments. These had never been commercially released. Tony's family has recently completed archiving this extraordinary musical legacy, a small part of which has been released on the CD "Gaining on You".

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