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Chamaeleon Church

1969 - MGM Records SE-4574.  Producer: Alan Lorber.  Publishing by Interval Music. 

Released "Camilla is Changing" as a 45 (MGM K13929SS)

Family Circle Family Tree - released in the UK in 1996 By Alan Lorber (Iris Properties) on a CD called "Family Circle Family Tree" The Best of Bosstown Sound.  (CDWIKD 146) www.acerecords.co.uk. 

Also on this reissue are two Ultimate Spinach III songs including Tony vocal on Happiness, Child.  Besides performing on all songs, Tony's songwriting credits include:

  • Camilla is Changing (with Ted Myers)

  • Come Into Your Life (with Ted Myers)

  • Tompkins Square Park (with Ted Myers)

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Ultimate Spinach III

Original LP released in 1969 MGM Records SE-4600 - Includes:

  • Some Days You Just Can't Win (w/Ted Myers)

  • Reasons

  • Strange-Life Tragicomedy (w/Ted Myers)

  • World Has Just Begun  (w/Ted Myers)

45 released: 'Just Like Romeo & Juliet' and 'Some-days You Just Can't Win'

Ultimate Spinach III - CD reissue in 1996 by Iris Properties, Big Beat - (CDWIKD 165)

Family Circle Family Tree (CDWIKD 146)

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The Best of The Boston Sound


Missing White House Tapes

Blue Thumb Records 1974 (Ascap, Lampoon Music, Inc.)
Nominated for Grammy: Best Comedy Recording 1974


White Album

JEM Records 1980
National Lampoon
'Discoleptic' used as background music.  'What About Reupholsterers'
'Sounds of Physical Love' (spoken w/Shelly Barre)


Sex, Drug, Rock N Roll and the End of the World

Includes 'Born Again Bob'


Goodbye Pop

Released 1976 - Grammy nominated
Includes 'Southern California Brings Me Down'
EPIC Records 1975 CBS, Inc.


National Lampoon Radio Hour

Rhino Records CD released in 1997.  Includes 'Methadone Maintenance Man*' and 'Southern California Brings Me Down.'   Both parodies were home recorded by Tony including all instrumentation.



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